Albert and Uttley

I go by Albert but you can find me under Arthur. I wrote a book about my friend Uttley. Uttley wrote a book, too. Both are mostly about his life and particularly his experience of schizophrenia. Other books here too, and giveaways and reviews…

WAY OUT Reviews

WAY OUT: A true account of schizophrenia WayOut_Front-200

Format: Kindle Edition

A shuddering account of living with schizophrenia that will break your heart but bring understanding to your mind. After onset Eugene loses his well-paying teaching job and lives on stacks of credit cards he gained while in college, before he began his downward spiral. This story of a man who believes he can heal his fragmented mind and heart on his own is reminiscent of a road trip with an off-kilter Jack Kerouac. As he learns to manage illusions, delusions, paranoia and hearing voices, one of which he thinks is that of Jesus Christ, Eugene travels the country and the world. This story of a lonely man who has no one and who manages to halfway function in spite of his illness will have readers cheering for his recovery. The book is chilling, but something everyone should read who wants to understand how this psychosis of the mind can attack a healthy young person and forever change a promising life. Arthur Thomas Morton writes in a voice that mesmerizes with its honesty and simplifies a complicated disease in a way we can all comprehend. Don’t miss the chance to crawl inside his mind. You will be amazed.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Way Out is a no-holds barred exploration of a man’s fight to win back his sanity. The author takes you right into the mind of paranoid schizophrenic, Eugene Uttley, in an experience that is so visceral that you simply cannot turn away. As a sufferer of depression and a survivor of child abuse, I understand the overwhelming nature of emotions but my experience with mental illness is limited. At first, it’s easy to look at Eugene and see just another crazy slacker living on the streets. But as the author journeys back, it becomes clear how mental illness slowly eats away at the fundamental understanding of self embedded in even the most healthy, productive people. The reader is gripped with a creeping sense of impending doom as Eugene makes one choice after another and slowly spirals further down the rabbit hole. While the book is unrelenting in it’s examination of Eugene’s sense of responsibility for his ultimate downfall, it is clear that Eugene Uttley is a stronger, braver man than he realizes. Way Out is an unflinching, honest and brilliantly written must read.

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