Albert and Uttley

I go by Albert but you can find me under Arthur. I wrote a book about my friend Uttley. Uttley wrote a book, too. Both are mostly about his life and particularly his experience of schizophrenia. Other books here too, and giveaways and reviews…

Very insightful, this student appreciates the first-hand account of Sz

5.0 out of 5 stars Very insightful, this student appreciates the first-hand account of Sz January 8, 2013
By Kristin A. Scearce
Format:Kindle Edition
I’ll start by saying I hold a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology, so when I was approached to read and review this book, I jumped at it. Schizophrenia was one of the many different topics throughout my coursework, and I’m always eager to learn more about anything Psychology-related. I thought back on my different classes, and while we discussed all sorts of things about Schizophrenia (symptoms, effects on the individual and family/friends, therapeutic treatment, drug treatment, etc.), I don’t recall having ever read an anecdotal account from someone with the illness, and I think it’s just a fantastic idea.

While this book is very long, it’s well worth the read if you’re either like me and are interested in Psychology, or if you either have or know someone who has Schizophrenia (Sz for short). Reading this book gave me all sorts of personal insight into the illness that you just can’t find in a textbook, and I’m sure it would greatly benefit anyone who is affected in their life by Sz in some way. I found the opening philosophies on God to be very interesting, as it was a new way of looking at the topic for me, and it really drew me in to see what all Eugene believed, had been through, is going through, etc. The various quotes from song lyrics, psychologists, other Sz memoirs, and numerous other sources really worked to convey just what Eugene was thinking and feeling, especially the ones pulled from his earlier writings.

As I said, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has Sz in some form of their life: either themselves, a family member or friend, therapists, social workers, etc, as well as those who are studying or just interested in Psychology. First-hand accounts are few and far between, and I feel I learned more about Sz, its effects on the mind as well as the idea of “remission,” from this book than I did throughout my coursework.

5 stars for its ability to suck you in and keep you reading and learning, no matter how long it is =)


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